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  1. It's partially true, if you are in good relationships with your super, you can still ask to provide at least general feedback. Otherwise, ask other teacher who can provide this sort of comments.
  2. Hey guys. For those who need assistance writing your IB extended essay, feel free to send me your pitch in DM. I'll do my best to guide you through and help writing your paper. P.S. Let the force be with you, my friend
  3. you can check your first draft using plag checkers to avoid direct plagiarism, but in my personal opinion if you do your own research and come to different conclusion rather then another student, there shouldn't be any issues with this. STILL! do not forget that you should cite everything you use from third party researchers, etc.
  4. You can opt for English A SL, there are many students from my surroundings who opt for it and completed without facing any hard times. Still, prepare to spend time with English and an additional "pushes" from your supervisor when it comes to grammar, language structure, etc. in your academic papers.
  5. absolutely agree with the previous answer. It's all about gathering data. In this list you can find other generic and specific topics for your IB extended essay. Hope it helps
  6. Appreciate your update
  7. Do not afraid to consult with your supervisor regarding the topic. If he/she is a "good one" they should guide you through.
  8. I like your topic it mostly cover everything and doesn't look too narrow. Just make sure it will be broad enough for you to cover the whole 4000 words EE.
  9. You could narrow the question down in the following ways: - Does the streaming industry fall under the oligopolistic market structure? - Why would the streaming industry be called an oligopolistic market structure? - What characteristics of an oligopolistic market structure does the streaming industry have? DM me if you need further assistance.
  10. Hey there. Your topic is good enough, you can try to narrow down it a bit, just to make it more specialized. In general these are the main points to work on while writing an IB EE: 1. Make Sure You Select a Topic Which is Not Too Broad, Nor Too Narrow 2. Choose your IB EE Supervisor Wisely 3. Your Topic = Your Comfort level and is it Important A lot of students find themselves confused and sometimes overwhelmed as well. You need to understand the fundamental importance of the essay and then keep these important three tips in mind
  11. I'm currently working in a bad. So, you can find everything that usually can be found in the bad 😆
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