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  1. Sorry for late response, apprecate your feedback and hope you were able to apply my ideas
  2. Hello! Your topic on sustainable consumption and production of textiles in Sweden sounds intriguing and timely. Let's address your concerns: Pros of Covering Both Consumption and Production Holistic View: By examining both consumption and production, you can provide a comprehensive overview of the entire supply chain in Sweden's textile industry. Interconnectedness: Often, consumption patterns can influence production strategies and vice versa. By analyzing both, you can highlight these interdependencies. Diverse Data: You'll have a wider range of data and sources to pull f
  3. Hey there! Your EE topic is a fascinating one, and it's understandable to hit some roadblocks along the way. Let's try to break down the "how decisive" aspect of your question. Define "Decisive" Before diving into the analysis, it might be helpful to define what "decisive" means in the context of your essay. Does it mean a turning point in the war? Does it mean a halt in Japanese momentum? By setting a clear definition, you can then measure the Kokoda Track Campaign against that standard. Immediate Impacts Tactical: Did the campaign lead to significant losses for the Japane
  4. Hello! First off, congrats on deciding to pursue the IB curriculum and having a clear direction for your future studies. It's challenging but rewarding. Let's look at your subject choices: HL English LangLit This is a solid choice, especially if you're considering a career in business. Communication skills are crucial in fields like mergers and acquisitions or consulting. HL Business Naturally, this is an excellent choice for someone looking to major in business. It'll provide a foundational understanding of various business concepts. HL Maths AI You're right
  5. Hey there! Totally get where you're coming from, and I'll do my best to help you out. Firstly, let's break down the tools you mentioned and the documents: Decision Tree This is a graphical representation used to evaluate the potential outcomes of different decisions. It's often used in scenarios where there are multiple possible actions and uncertain outcomes. For a decision tree, you'd typically need data that can help you estimate probabilities and potential payoffs for each decision branch. This might not directly relate to the balance sheet or the profit and loss statem
  6. Hey there! First off, kudos for considering the IB program! It's a challenging yet rewarding experience. Now, onto your concerns: Jumping into the IB program in the middle of the year can be a bit daunting, especially when you think about IAs, TOK, and all the other acronyms they throw at you. But here's the thing: Support System Most IB schools have a strong support system in place. Teachers and coordinators are usually understanding and will help you catch up. They've seen students join at different times and will have strategies to help you integrate. Your Peers
  7. Yo, welcome to the Club! First off, your idea's got some solid roots. Water hardness and its effects on metal corrosion or pipe scaling is a classic, but let's see if we can jazz it up for that EE flair. Go Deep with the Chemistry How about diving into the nitty-gritty of the chemical reactions taking place? You can study the ions present in different water sources and how they specifically interact with metal surfaces. Real-world Applications Maybe link your study to real-world implications, like how communities could save money by reducing pipe replacements or
  8. Always welcome. I'm happy to be helpful, have a good one
  9. Hey, welcome back to the forum, now as an IB warrior! Time flies, huh? So, Global Politics IA? Stepping into uncharted territory – that's like the Indiana Jones of coursework! Let's brainstorm some ideas to keep you from feeling like you’re navigating a labyrinth in the dark. 1. Current Affairs Skim through recent headlines. Is there a geopolitical event that catches your eye? Maybe something like the impact of sanctions on a country or the role of international organizations in conflict resolution. 2. Local Lens Got something spicy happening in your local area that ha
  10. Hey, what’s up 🙌 First, gotta give you a high-five for tackling a real-world problem with your math IA! Saving Indonesia from going underwater is seriously superhero stuff. It's a bummer that the data isn't fitting neatly into the ol’ exponential or other functions. But no worries, mate, let's try to steer this ship back on course. Different Model Sometimes data is just a rebellious teenager and doesn’t wanna fit in with the cool functions. Try looking at other models besides exponential. Maybe piecewise functions or logistical models might be a snug fit. Error
  11. Yo, welcome to the forum! First of all, big props for diving into the deep end with Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. That's some classic romance-tragedy mix right there. Your research question's got the bones, but let's slap some spice on it. How about we get more specific? Like, you could focus on the elements that make it a tragedy – is it fate, the family feud, or maybe the characters’ choices? Here’s a jazzed-up version: “How do the intertwined forces of fate, family conflict, and impulsive choices weave the tapestry of love and tragedy in Shakespeare’s masterpiece, Rom
  12. Yo IBees, Guess what? I stumbled upon this legit goldmine where you can snag 3 dope topic ideas with research Qs and lil’ blurbs for each, all from IB gurus – fo' FREE! 🤯 I played wingman for my homies and scored these ideas not once, but TWICE (pro tip: switch up the email addy, they only let you have one go at it). For all you peeps straining your brain cells looking for those killer extended essay ideas, this is a game changer. https://bit.ly/3rbKtU4 Here’s an insider tip: Pour your heart and soul into that form and drop them all the deets about what you’re looking
  13. Hey there, I have found and want to share a link to a good Math IA example that will be an excellent sample for those of you who are currently writing or will be writing your Math IAs on similar topics. https://www.studypool.com/services/27870431
  14. Your subject selection seems to be well thought out and aligns with your interests and the requirements of your desired university course, which is great! Deciding between Psychology HL and Chemistry HL can be tough, especially when you have specific interests and considerations. Here are some aspects to consider that may help you decide: Chemistry HL Chemistry HL is indeed known to be challenging, as it delves into concepts in much greater depth than SL. If you found SL manageable and even excelled in it, you might be well-prepared to handle the HL material. But, it would requi
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