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where can I find detailed specifications (and do they exist)?


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hi so I have just finished my gcses and im taking IB next year, but I want to look ahead to see the details of what is studied in each subject. I looked on the IB website, but the syllabus outline is very vague. At gcse, every exam board produces specifications with different points outlining EXACTLY what you need to know, but from what I could find, for IB if is much more brief i.e. for languages it only has recommended topics within themes as opposed to a specific vocab list and grammar list. For the sciences it has topics (e.g. kinematics for physics), but not points WITHIN topics (at gcse it would say kinematics as the general heading and then detail what you need to know below that, for example "to be able to calculate acceleration by differentiating velocity")

I am basically wondering if there is a point-by-point specification that i can access, as I want to begin to look ahead for next year and teach myself a little. If there isnt, how do the exams work, as surely there would then be a high chance that several schools would not cover the same thing/not cover exactly what the questions ask?

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