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Is it wise to change schools in the middle of the IB program ?

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Hey, I'm currently in my first IB year and I'm thinking about continuing my 2nd year at another school, but I'm not sure if that would be wise or not. My problem is not the IB program, but the school I am currently attending. It gives me the impression that most of the teachers are not really qualified and I also feel limited in the school. 
Have you had any experience with this?

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IB isn’t the be-all and end-all. Switching schools means switching a community, as you said. You have a robust support system and standing at your current school, which can be challenging to build as a new student. Also, are you already passionate about those two subjects? Because taking a conventional class in an area doesn’t always align with what you thought you might be learning. Consider exploring those two subjects on your own instead of taking formal classes by the IB. There are many online open course options where you can take a college course for free without getting credit.

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