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IB economics vs IB psychology


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Currently I am year 11 and I am taking Math HL, English A, Chemistry, Biology, Spanish ab initio and Economics. We did not chose the SL or HL yet for some subjects. I am on half of the first semester and I am thinking to change economics to psychology. I cannot understand and economics does not fit me at all. I heard psychology is hard and I have to catch up a lot.. 

Do you guys prefer psychology or economics?

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Hi Ashley, I did Econ HL and I'm even about to start studying Economics and University and I can honestly say even I wish I did psychology. IB Econ, in my opinion, serves as a great way to get your foot in the door if you're planning to study something economics or business related in university but really isn't necessary at all (Most universities don't even require you to take Econ or Business to study those fields, you just need HL Math's). However from what I've heard and read about IB psychology it can really help expand and improve the way you think in general and you can apply what you learn in pretty much any field. Really if you're not planning on continuing studying Business or Econ related fields after the IB then psychology will be more useful. However, I have heard that getting a 7 in psychology is harder than in economics so that is also something to consider...

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