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  1. Hi Sanna, something I can think of right away off the top of my head is modeling newtons cooling law/curve and incorporating something about concentrations of solutions effects rate of cooling too. Don't try to look for incredibly complicated IA topics. A well done IA on a easy and boring topic is much more likely to score well than a poorly done IA on a tough and fancy topic.
  2. Hi Ashley, I did Econ HL and I'm even about to start studying Economics and University and I can honestly say even I wish I did psychology. IB Econ, in my opinion, serves as a great way to get your foot in the door if you're planning to study something economics or business related in university but really isn't necessary at all (Most universities don't even require you to take Econ or Business to study those fields, you just need HL Math's). However from what I've heard and read about IB psychology it can really help expand and improve the way you think in general and you can apply what you l
  3. Hi Everybody, my names Sam. And I am a proud IB graduate of 41 points and a prospective student of the University of York to read Economics (BSc). My exams (M21) were cancelled so my grades essentially came down to the quality of my IA's and I'm lucky that I did really well on all of them. I helped out a lot of people in my school with their IA's too and gave them feedback on how to improve and I can honestly say I helped improve quite a few of the final grades of my peers. I then started offering my help as a service and started spreading my services online by asking friends to tell other fri
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