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Geo Sl vs Econ Sl


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Hi I am a rising Grade 11 and I have a question

I have to pick either Geo or Econ but I really can't choose one.

For Geo Sl, I heard that it is REALLY easy (compared to Econ Sl, geo contents are cooler) so I want to do Geo for IB, but the problem is, our geo teacher is hell (according to Grade 12s). The geo teacher is so bad (she gives them bad grades) that the subject for Grade 11s has been abolished.

For econ sl, I heard that it is do-able but the problem is I really have no basic knowledge in Econ. I might not even have an interest in econ. And also the econ teacher is very nice in our school.


What do you guys recommend? Go for geo even if the teacher is bad, go for econ sl and try my best to get a 7 with the best teacher in our school

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