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How hard will double science be in IB when you're really bad in science?


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I'm a 10th grader in an IB school and I have to choose my courses for the upcoming 2 years. I'm thinking of taking a dentistry course in the UK although Im really bad at science in general but most college requirements have HL bio or/and HL chem. My current courses are HL physiology, HL mother tongue, HL art, SL biology, SL AA math, SL lang&lit. These are all based on my interest kinda and it was before I wanted to study dentistry so I want to change.

My average grades in myp are bio,chem,physics is 4,5 and my lab reports are usually around 6. 

Im also currently trying to find a college accepting HL physiology and SL chem or bio but I know I'll need at least 1 bio or chem in HL although I just don't have the confidence. 

Maybe I should choose another course? I'm really not sure. Can someone help me out please?

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