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Am i wasting my college years and my parents' money?


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okay so hi

I'm an eighteen-year-old, currently studying business at one of my country's top colleges. BUT, this college is mad trashy- like, my parents and I were so happy and excited that I got into THIS college, but now, when I'm actually studying here, it sucks. It really does.

I was the class valedictorian throughout high school and I thought maybe I'd excel just like that in college and all my further studies. But since my first semester of college was completely online, I haven't been able to analyse myself.

I had applied to a few universities in the UK the last year, I also had an offer from Warwick but since I didn't get the scholarship, I couldn't go:// So, I've applied to a few unis in the Netherlands and my programme of choice is International Business Administration and I might get in? But what's really stressing me is that is it worth going abroad and studying because that would be quite an expensive affair (not so much if I get the scholarship tho).

So my ultimate question is, should I stay here or should I go abroad (what if I don't get in?) LIKE WHAT SHOULD I DOOOOO??


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12 hours ago, scaredstudent said:

Well it depends on your country and the university you are studying in, if you are studying in asia, typically business universities are not that good so I would strongly suggest studying in the EU or abroad since it would give you a higher prestige 

Well, thank you for your opinion. And yes I am from Asia and my college is a public school, but it's just that public schools tend to hold more prestige in my country than the private colleges and universities do. But now, I'm just manifesting going to the Netherlands, I really hope i get in


thank you vv much

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