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  1. okay so hi I'm an eighteen-year-old, currently studying business at one of my country's top colleges. BUT, this college is mad trashy- like, my parents and I were so happy and excited that I got into THIS college, but now, when I'm actually studying here, it sucks. It really does. I was the class valedictorian throughout high school and I thought maybe I'd excel just like that in college and all my further studies. But since my first semester of college was completely online, I haven't been able to analyse myself. I had applied to a few universities in the UK the last year, I al
  2. Which one is better? Which one is seen better by employers?
  3. SO many people say "a 7 in IB is harder to get then an A or a 5 in AP".. so then how would college admissions look at the gradings of IB on our transcript.. Would 5 be like a B+? 6 = A? 7= A++? I'm curious how "bad" a 5 would look on my junior transcript...
  4. For those who are planning to attend universities in the US, we know US colleges value grade 11 (junior) GPA/grades the most... Also, semester 1 of senior year. On top of that, they say the FINAL SEMESTER of grade 11 is most important... My SEMESTER 1 of junior year was.... HL: 5,6,6 & SL: 5,6,6 which aren't the greatest grades if i wanna attend top universities. And before junior year, grades were all very strong. Considering that my final sem of junior year which is more important will be better (more 7s and 6s and no 5s), would i STILL have a chance with these t
  5. Hi, my name is Kylie and this year has been really stressful. I transferred into the IB program 4 weeks late so the first quarter was me doing makeup work while keeping up with the work given. The first quarter is ending in two days and my grades are very bad, ending with 2As, 5bs and 1 C in HL BIO. I’m scared I’ve made a mistake and I won’t get into a good college since this is a big difference from my previous grades:( I did go to a very prestigious vet camp at my local university and work at another very selective program at the museum down town, so I’m hoping those extra curricular‘s will
  6. Going into jr year and class choices are due in a few weeks, please respond and thank you in advance to the ppl that do What sciences should I take and at what level if I wanna go into engineering or medical. Like what would be the best base for college? Also at what level should I take math? ^ 2 HL spots and 1 SL
  7. I am in the second semester of my senior year. I have taken IB Math HL over one and half year(junior year & 1st semester of senior year) In my junior year, IB Math HL was ok and I got 7 on it. However, when we had a new teacher and the course getting hard in the senior year, I feel so frustrated about this class. In the first semester, I spend 80% of my time to study it. I got 6 on it. I decided to take this class because I want to go to engineering school. My classes now: Chem HL, Eng HL, Eco HL, Math HL, Bio SL My SAT score: 1450-Math-790 I feel I am stressed o
  8. I've taken Biology, Chemistry and Business management HL along with English Maths and French (ab) SL. I study IB in India and I would like to know about my options. Medical is the first thing to come to mind but that would require Physics and I do not want to take it up. I am planning to study in India because my dad doesn't want me to study abroad for god knows why and I was wondering what course I could take in Indian colleges I am aware that abroad universities do not require Physics for studying medicine
  9. Hello. There is 50 days until last IB deadline and 4 months until external examinations. My predicted scores are 3 on pretty much every subject, except for 6's in physics SL and math SL. I have always had the potential and intelligence to perform well (I think that's why I have good scores on maths) but for the last 3 years I have been in a stressful depression and numbness, so my intelectual skills have declined pretty much. I have also left behind my studies and I put almost no effort on them. Today I'm not ready for any of these examinations (internal nor external) and I thi
  10. Hello all, Long story short I dropped the full IB diploma a few days ago and I am now currently doing the IB certificate. I am doing 6 subjects, 4 SL's and 2 Hl's. I dropped Biology HL to SL, it was just too much content for me to handle. Anyways, my question is will I be able to get admitted into a good school? I'm focusing more on Canada than America in terms of schools. I am in my second year of IB and my current score is 26 but I'm trying to push it up. My counselor and I emailed most of my American schools and they mostly said they don't care about whether it's the full diploma or ce
  11. Will someone who lets say gets 24 points be eligible to go to university?
  12. Hello everyone, Hope you are having a good day Well...I'm going to get straight to the point, I'm scared about whether or not I'll be going to Uni next fall. Basically I'm a full diploma student in a foreign country, my family moves around quite a lot due to my dad's job. I'll be going to 12 Grade next week, so far I'm surviving IB and meeting deadline in terms of EE, CAS, IA's or TOK.. I had terrible to decent marks in 9th & 10th grade, I got mostly 3's,4's,5's and a few 6's (I did the MYP). I switched schools after 10th grade and moved to a new country and honestly It was pre
  13. I heard that the acceptance rates of IB students into institutions are higher compared to the total population acceptance rates? I wanted to know if this is actually true or not because I also heard that its not...If this is true, does it apply to USA and Canada universities ?
  14. Hii everyone I need some help I'm thinking of applying to med schools in usa and canada next semester but my school only offers either ib chemistry or ib biology. I don't know why but there are two separate programs in our school and you can choose only one. One offers chemistry, physics, maths, literature, english and ess and the other offers maths, literature, english, french, biology and titc (turkey in the twentieth century) as ib classes. As I had to make a choice this year I chose the second one because I wasn't certain with med school but I had a keen interest on biology alone. Now I d
  15. Pri


    I'm starting this topic so as to help people asses their portfolios and what can be done in order to improve their chances of getting into colleges of their choice. I'm really open to solving any of your doubts and have a casual chat if u need one.
  16. I'm playing on doing law in college, and the subjects I plan on taking are English HL History HL Economics HL French B SL (anticipated) Math Studies Biology SL Are these subject good? Some people told me that it's better to do math SL. I suck at math but I don't want to loose an entry just because I took math studies. Please help me out.
  17. Hello everyone, I am currently in my final months of IB1. I'm taking four HLs as of now. After receiving my mid-term report card, I realised that I was getting less than flattering grades for one of my HLs (while the others were going well). Ever since, I've been contemplating about dropping that particular HL to an SL, but I'm wondering if such a thing will decrease my chances of getting into a top US college (e.g. does it show me in a bad light). I know that top colleges want you to take a hard course load, and thus, will dropping to 3 HLs somehow show that I'm not a capable student for
  18. Hello, I am a first year IB student and I have started to consider my EE topic. I want to study Biomedical/Biological Engineering in future; my courses are Chemistry, Physics, Math, Turkish A, English B and ITGS. Keeping my goal in mind, I thought that an extended essay on Physics or Chemistry would look good for the college applications. However writing an extended essay on those is a tough job and I am not genuinely sure if I can hit A with an EE on Physics. On the other hand, Language A is a course that I really enjoy and I believe that a research on Turkish literature would be both e
  19. Rithik

    LSE Doubts

    Can I apply to LSE (London School Of Economics) for a Bsc in Economics? I have heard that for most of their programs they require Maths HL. My subjects; History- HL, Eco- HL, Eng- HL, Math- SL, French B- SL and Bio- SL.
  20. Hey guys, I was hoping to pursue a career as a writer. I have written a few sketches myself and even at school, I mean everyone points out that I should write a few stuff, eventually, even if not as a "real" career. So, I was hoping to take a Law degree. I would like to live in the US, though I would like to start off at the UK, for example, take a degree and thus, if possible, go to the US to make a living. The problem is if I take Law in London, lets say, I won't be able to practice law in the US, right? Or can I take a post graduation in american law? Also, do you think that
  21. Guys, I am on my 2nd year and its time for applications. I got my predicted grades, which gave a total of 37 points and 18 on the HL subjects. I am thinking about pursuing English Literature and Creative Writing in the UK. What universities do you advise? I thought about Lancaster and Kent (which has a degree of Eng. Lit and American Lit. and Creative Writing with a Year Abroad). Thanks guys, Richard
  22. I am a current Junior and I'm interested in Boston College and will be visiting the area on Monday, October 3, 2016. There are no tours running that day because of the observance of Rosh Hashanah. Are there any current students there who could potentially show me around?
  23. Hello there fellows, I am currently in the beginning of my 2nd year and I was planning to go study in the UK, though I am in a dilemma as to what what degree I should take. On the one hand, Law would be great, on the other hand I would also like to take something related to Literature or Arts, since I want to become a writer. However, english is not my native language, so being a writer in the UK or taking a degree in Literature would be harder for me than for other fellow british students. I have to get in touch with the universities now in September, so I am a little bit anxious wi
  24. Guys, I am currently going for my 2nd Year in the IB. Since I would like to study abroad, more specifically in the UK, August/September are the months "destined" to start thinking on college and courses. I am going to be honest: my dream was to become a writer. I have a few forgotten sketches in my room, and I guess I do have an imaginative and sensitive flair for that. I imagine myself waking up every morning with a happy smile knowing that I would spend the rest of the day with the placidity that writing gives me, I mean the fact that I am dwelling in another world, a more unpredictabl
  25. This fall I'm entering the pre-IB program, and even though college isn't for a while, I like to plan ahead. I currently play a sport but I don't want to do it competitively in high school because of the time requirements - I'd basically have no free time for other activities between IB and a year-round sport. I was wondering whether or not colleges actually care about clubs. Two clubs I want to get involved in are photography and science club. I'll still do the sport recreationally (great CAS hours), I just won't compete or dedicate my life to it. I know here in America sports are everyt
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