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Hello Fellow IB Students!

I am planning on doing my EE on sport and psychology, or Spanish and psychology. I do Spanish, Sport and Psychology at Higher Level. They are all my interests for the future. I really want to do bilingualism and  cognitive development, since I am bilingual, but it is too generic. Does anyone who previously did the IB or are currently in the same position as I am have any ideas or inspiration as to where to go for this advice? It would be so helpful!

Thank You so Much!!1

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First of all, this is the first time I'm hearing about the Sport course. I had PHE in MYP but never heard about Sport. Anyways back to your topic, I think that having all of of those three courses be involved in your EE would be kind of impossible since they are drastically different from one another. However since you brought up bilingualism, it means that you are more interested in Spanish and Psychology, so I would encourage you to not do Sport because it would not fit. You could do sport psychology mix or Spanish sport of some sort but this is very unorthodox so I suggest you drop the idea of implementing sport. I dont know if this was of any help but yeah again sport as a course if very strange, best of luck on your EE though.

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