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Can't find the IBID Hl book


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Hello everyone hope you is are the new year. Does anyone have a PDF copy of the IBID HL math book Analysis and application book. I downloaded this book from Z Library and Ib resources/Ib Repository but the file I downloaded was only about 274 pages. That seems off as the other books like the Cambridge, Haese mathematics and other books are about a thousand pages. Is this the real size of the IBID book? If yes then great but if not, can anyone kindly share the file with me? Thanks and hope you have a great day.

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To my knowledge, they're only 274 pages for the IBID book (2019 6th edition). Though, from what I can see, IBID sort of makes a review of the topics in its common core book to then proceed with some extra content on their HL course. Other publishers seem to include some of the subtopic content on each topic in different sub-subtopics, so e.g. Mclaurin's series are included in topic 5 from IBID but take a few more pages to explain in the Haese books, so the latter take it as an entire "sub-subtopic" at the level of a subtopic. Note how Haese doesn't even begin the HL books with the standard topic naming, but with the titles of the topics/subtopics taken up from the last explanation in their core books. Simply put, IBID takes the easy way out and structures their books as per the syllabus, in 5 topics each with their own subtopics; while other publishers, like Haese, go for a multisubtopic structure.

Either way, the IBID book, even if it looks short, it covers the latest syllabus and every HL topic's there.

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