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Viable Math HL IA topic?


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My teacher has just recently told me and my class about the Math IA. I'm wondering if these following two topics I have come up with would be viable for a possible Math IA, or if I should change course and choose a different topic:

  1.  Correlation IA on the number of human cannibalism cases (from 1900s to present day) and the presence of environmental stressors (environmental stressors are defined as events or things in the surrounding environment that cause stress; for example, lack of food and clean water, physical and mental ailments, etc.) 
  2. Logarithmic IA on the number of rats and the spread of plague/number of disease cases. 

My teacher said both were definitely possible, though she looked kind of unsure. I'm not sure myself, honestly, on either of these topics. I picked them because I do have a vested interest in cannibalism and the plague, but I don't believe that's enough to build a working math IA from it. What do you all think? Should I pursue either of these topics, or do something else? 

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