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Motivation to actually try in IB


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So my IB exams is in 2 months, and I'm currently in my mock exams for IB. The thing is, I have been extremely unproductive lately, and I can't seem to pick myself up. A few months prior, I had an injury which caused me to be unable to attend school for 3 weeks - which is a lot of content in IB. So after all the IAs, and with my injury, I wasn't able to catch-up on most of the content. And now during mocks, I find myself unmotivated to even try to study. And I don't know why. 

If you were to ask if I have truly tried hard during DP 1 or 2, the answer will be no. I don't know why I can't make myself invest everything into my studies - which is what a lot of people do at my school. I'm a bit of a cruiser and 'last-minuter' - meaning that I cruise on okayish grades (e.g. 6s-7s, occasional 5s) and I don't prepare for exams until the day before. And I know, just logically, that if I was to give it my best, I will be so much better (I mean, if I can cruise at okayish grades, surely I can be even better if I tried?).

I don't know why I can't give my all to studying anymore. I used to be able to during middle school, and somehow things changed. Is it because I'm more afraid of failure? Everything just seems so stagnant and so dry that I can't really focus. 

I just hope someone can give advice, and maybe tell me if you have had similar experiences, where you wish you were studying, but then can't make yourself study, and beat yourself up about it later.

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