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  1. Wow. How are you even looking at EE in Pre-IB???????? I didn't even know what EE and TOK was at that point. Really. I'm in DP 2 (exams in 2 months) and I have a bunch of regrets - but not starting my EE in Pre-IB was not one of them. Seriously though, writing your EE in Pre-IB is a bad idea. Why I say this is because your writing style, and how advanced your writing will change a lot over these few years. Anything you write in pre-IB becomes kind of discarded in IB. So not a great idea. Personally, I wrote my Psych IA at the end of DP 1, and when it was due at the start of DP
  2. What are your other subjects? IF you do another HL in Biology (or any other intensive memorising subject like History) - DON'T TAKE HL PSYCHOLOGY. You will be having a very bad time, like I am. IF your other HL is in Maths - I recommend HL Chemistry (because if your maths is good, your chemistry should be great as well) IF your other HL is in English - this means that you're great at analytical writing, and that you don't have much to memorise. Hence, then you should pick Psychology HL. Honestly, the most memorisation subjects are most likely Biology HL, Psychology HL, an
  3. I didn't do an Psychology EE, but I had a few friends who did. I take HL Psychology though, so I'll give my 2 cents. I'm not sure what kind of psychology content you have covered at your school, but generally at my place our teacher recommends doing the 'easier' psychology EE topics: namely research into a specific disorder and the effect of one type/ a few types of treatments on that disorder. My friends both did the same topic: Effect of CBT/ SSRIs on Bipolar Disorder (or something like that) About your RQ. I think that it is an okay RQ, but inside your essay you will have t
  4. So my IB exams is in 2 months, and I'm currently in my mock exams for IB. The thing is, I have been extremely unproductive lately, and I can't seem to pick myself up. A few months prior, I had an injury which caused me to be unable to attend school for 3 weeks - which is a lot of content in IB. So after all the IAs, and with my injury, I wasn't able to catch-up on most of the content. And now during mocks, I find myself unmotivated to even try to study. And I don't know why. If you were to ask if I have truly tried hard during DP 1 or 2, the answer will be no. I don't know why I can't ma
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