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Do you think the relationship between the economic growth and increase in population work as the topic of statistics in maths AI HL IA?


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My maths teacher told me statistics is the easiest topic in ib maths, at least in maths AI. So, I chose statistics. 

Then I thought the economic growth rate can be measured by maths. However, I also realised that it doesn't actually apply any mathematical concepts, so there is just calculation stuff. 

Do you think this idea still works in IA?

My plan is to compare some combinations of both developing and developed countries. (i.e. the counties that have an opposite change in the economy then see how the population changes  over time in both of countries.)

My simple prediction for this relationship is that the population increases when the economic growths well. (It's simply because if society becomes rich then people can afford to have children or there is even better social care or something...) 

So, I'm trying to mathematically explain how this result is happened but I'm not sure what theories or concepts I can apply for this. (from the statistics)

Does anyone have any ideas?


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