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  1. Also, what IB grade is eligible for the "superstar grade" thing? I don't know what this means exactly though. My background: I couldn’t meet their standard requirement. I had to get 35 overall with 766 at HLs, however, I got 34 with 654 at HLs in the predicted grades in IB. So I decided to apply to different (lower level) universities this time. (which is 2022 Jan submission one.) However, my mind is still thinking like I want to get into KCL since it was my dream uni. But then I found that there is an application system called an adjustment. Then I wonder if there is
  2. My IB predicted grades were 34, so I couldn't apply to those universities, which I wanted. However, I was wondering if I do much better in a real exam can I still get into those unis? (e.g. IB 43)
  3. I mean, I was aiming for those uk unis but because my predicted grade wasn't high enough i couldn't even apply to them. But then I realised that the application date is later than the uk one. I guess the uni application starts from March in Australia so i have a bit of time to improve its predicted grades. As you living Australia (i guess if not sorry), what's your opinion about this? the best option within my 5 uk uni choices would be soas. So compared to it, which one is better choice? (for me, living in london is still expensive)
  4. Hi, I may attend to the business degree as an international student at the university of sydney next year. (i study ib diploma in the uk btw) I saw many negative reviews about this university for some reason even though it's well known university in Australia. Some say the teaching quality is poor compared to ivy league unis or russell group unis, and others say it's too easy to get into there compared to those mentioned group unis and therefore it't not prestigious. Although the university ranking for business management at USYD is around 46 in the world. Here is the question; What's the pos
  5. Do you think these research questions below can work in SL Business IA? Do you have any advice? - How does Apple deal with the new market of 5G against other competitors? - How should Apple deal with the new market of 5G against other competitors? - Should Apple prioritise using their financial sources for the 5G product development rather than the 4G product development?
  6. I honestly wanted to go to kings college to study business and management... However, my predicted grades probably won't be high enough. In the uni entry requirement, I had to get 766 at HLs, but I will probably get 755 at HLs... I was also planning to apply to cass business school that also requires higher grades such as 18 points in HLs and 35 points overall including tok and ee... (HLs; 755, SL; 7 at business, 55) So what I want to say is, hopeless. That's it. I don't know what to do. I can't focus on studying anything at all almost 3 weeks after the d2 Mock exam, which judged me to get lo
  7. I want to study business at the uni but i don't know the needed ib grade for the canadian universities... I was going to apply to the uk unis but my mock exam grades awfully went wrong and prob will get the predicted grades about 33 to 35... (including tok and ee). I was aiming for the top uk unis but because of that i wouldn't be able to apply to them like ucl, kcl, cass, etc... But then i researched canadian unis and most of top unis say you have to get 24 (ubc) or 28 (uoft or somewhere i forgot). I mean, I wonder why the minimum requirement is slightly lower than the uk unis... Can I u
  8. I'm concerned to switch the level of business from sl to hl, although I'm not sure if I actually gonna do that. The biggest consideration at this moment is that IA. I was too late to think about changing the subject level. I know that hl IA requires you to do both primary and secondary research, however, I don't know much about how they are actually different. I take online business but my school teacher concerns about its IA things. Apart from IA, I think I can catch up all the missing contents through this winter vacation. Is this too risky? I just want to drop down my economics h
  9. I checked the uni website and it said you have to get minimum 35 overall including tok and ee, with 766 from HLs. And I wonder why the requirement is slightly lower than other unis like ucl, lse, imprial, etc... So technically, is it possible to get the conditional offer with the grade like 445 from SLs but 766 from HLs and 3 points from TOK and EE so its exactly 35 in total? I'm aiming for business and management.
  10. I study ib, not a-level. And I take English B SL. On the uni website, it says that the requirement for English for business and management is either English B 7 or IELTS 7.0 with minimum 6.5 from each sections. Then here is the point. - I definitely can't get 7 from English B. (I think i can get maximum 6 or minimum 5.) - For the IELTS score, 7.0 is pretty hard to get as my current grade is 6.0 overall. (only speaking is 6.5 and others are like 5.5 or something) I know, in general, I should be able to meet these english requirement as otherwise I will struggle with uni life in the f
  11. the uni web says that the candidate has to get 35 with 766 at HLs, including tok, ee. but as long as i assume, this is a minimum requirement, so i was wondering what grade is definite/safe to get offer from kcl business... like above 37? i know this also depends on the personal statement, but i just want to know the general view about this so that i can set my goal for my predicted grades. Does anyone know about this?
  12. Thank you for your reply! It helps me a lot! I was thinking kcl business and management and ucl information and management for business courses. (I know there are many other great universities for business degree but I'm mainly thinking the universities in London as its convenience.) So, I don't have the ideas for other 3 university choices although City, University of London could be one option. (I was also thinking lse management but I realised that the course is more like a lot of maths and economics rather than business stuff.) I didn't know Bayes university but I researched the
  13. The assumption for my predicted grade; HLs; Japanese A 7, Eco 6, Maths AI 6 SLs; Business 7, Chemistry 5 or 6, English B 6 TOK and EE; B or C and A i was thinking management at lse, but i realised its not business degree. its more like sociology or something. What do you think?
  14. The IBO has announced that section C in paper 2 is removed for both N22 and M22. (the CUEGIS question one) Does this mean we don't have to care anything about change, culture, ethics, globalisation, innovation, and strategy anymore? Because we don't have that essay anymore? Or do we still need to apply these concepts to other content? I'm just wondering if it's fine to skip this concept in the textbook. (because you know there are always descriptions about CUEGIS concepts at the end of the chapter but if it's fine to completely not study that for the exam then I won't waste time.) Does any
  15. I have questions about math IA. My maths teacher told me statistics is the easiest topic in ib maths, at least in maths AI HL. So, I chose statistics. (I didn't have other topic that I want to deeply study...) Then I thought the economic growth rate can be measured by maths. (like economic growth rate, gdp, gnp, etc) However, I also realised that it doesn't actually apply any mathematical concepts, so there is just calculation stuff which is too simple I think. But do you think this idea still works in maths IA? (in hl ai maths) My plan is to compare some combinations of both deve
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