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  1. Revising, studying, studying, ee, IAs, personal statement, work experience (is this necessary?), etc... I feel like I don't have any work experience or intern that may inspire uni in terms of the personal statement... I'm thinking to apply to lse, ucl, kcl, etc. Do you have any ideas for me? I'm a typical person who tends to be lazy in the long term holiday... (3 weeks already passed...)
  2. I want to study business management or marketing at LSE. (bachelor's degree) My subject choice; Japanese A HL, Economics HL, Maths AI HL, Business Management SL, Chemistry SL, English B SL. The official LSE website says that the requirement is to get 38 with 766 from HLs, including maths HL (both AI and AA are fine.) Also, it says this doesn't guarantee you even if you are achieved the grade. (38) So, my question is, what score do I actually have to get in order to get into lse? Also, do you have any advice for me in general?
  3. My maths teacher told me statistics is the easiest topic in ib maths, at least in maths AI. So, I chose statistics. Then I thought the economic growth rate can be measured by maths. However, I also realised that it doesn't actually apply any mathematical concepts, so there is just calculation stuff. Do you think this idea still works in IA? My plan is to compare some combinations of both developing and developed countries. (i.e. the counties that have an opposite change in the economy then see how the population changes over time in both of countries.) My simple predicti
  4. I'm in the first year of IB diploma, D1. (I will be D2 from the next September) I study Business SL in Pamoja, however, I don't know what to study for business this summer. (I got a 6 from the final report card in D1 though.) Then I'm wondering how also the IAs work on Pamoja especially for business. Because since I've done the mock exam 2 months and half ago, there are no updating so far. (I mean, I don't literary study business almost 3 months and nothing happens.) Then I personally plan to research about the YouTube market as there is an interesting business model. (the viewe
  5. how about pamoa? but how have you been even studying japanese ab initio without teacher?
  6. It depends on what your target is. The size of the class will be one criteria for the ib students. (the small size is obviously beneficial for the students cuz the teachers are more close to them compared to the large class.) of course, the average point is important to get a higher grade in the future but ib is more like a personal engagement so basically it's up to you! (my school average point this year was like 38. some got 45 or over 40 and some got lower than 35.) Also, a high average point doesn't necessary mean the quality of the school is good. So, make sure that you w
  7. Thank you so much for your deep explanation! First, I mentioned that I got 24, however, I actually got 29 / 42 from the final report in D1. (Japanese A HL 5, English B SL 5, Eco HL 4, Chemistry SL 5, Maths AI HL 4, Business SL 6, total 29) TOK Exhibition C Also, I got 2 from chemistry in D1 mock exam but got 5 from the final report card in D1. (So, I need to be more familiar with exam style question and study more basic concepts because somehow my brain is not suitable for chemistry.) The highest but still realistic score plan is here; (Japanese A HL 7, English B SL 5, Eco HL 6, Chem
  8. I tried to study to get the high scores from the d1 mock (my target was 36 / 42, and now I think I was too optimistic.) because I got 30 or something from the first and second term grades and I thought I definitely have to improve my grades. However, I did huge mistakes on the exam so I'm assuming that I will get lower scores from the d1 mock exam than my past grades. The assumption is here; (I guess the final report from d1 and d2 will be used to assume the predicted grades so I think the d1 mock exam does not directly affect my future grades. ) Japanese A HL 6-7, Maths AI HL 3, Ec
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