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What HSK/CEFR level will Mandarin ab initio get you to?

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Despite having over a year's experience with the language by this September, I'm taking Mandarin ab initio through Pamoja next year. To those who have finished it - what HSK or CEFR level would you say it got you to?

I can already pass HSK 3 and would like to know if the course could bring me any further. While it's already set in stone and I know it will be good to strengthen my foundations, it's still a question of interest.

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i don't do mandarin but i do dutch ab initio and because i'm teaching myself, i've gone through the syllabus


if your teacher purely follows the course... in this case pamoja... then you'll reach b1 or low b2 CEFR by the time you graduate. Of course with extra study, supplementary material, extension work and immersing yourself in mandarin culture like tv and news, you'll go even higher.

By attempting mandarin B SL past exams you can further your level.


if you want a certification of your ability then attempt an external examination that isn't in the ib... as your ib language is tired to your final diploma.

there are so many institutions you can get accredited with.

that's just my 2 cents

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