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what to do for my ib EE

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5 hours ago, timi123p said:

my name is timi.

i want to do my ee based on the reconstruction of japan after world war 2 ,but i'm not to sure of a actual question. does anyone have any ideas to what  question could be

Hi Timi! I came up with this question: To what extent did the 1945-52 Reconstruction of Japan lead to the country's acceptance of modernization from American ideals?

From this, you could explore how this period allowed Japan to become one of the most advanced countries today. A counterargument that would be interesting to explore is from the angle that the Japanese tend to prioritize their traditions and beliefs, so it's possible the reconstruction was less influential in this aspect. Also, I assume the U.S. was a key contributor to the reconstruction (I'm not well-read on this topic)? Anyways, I think it would be helpful to analyze specific actions taken by American officials and how they may have influenced sectors of Japanese life. These are just ideas I came up with on the spot (I'm working on mine as well lol), but I hope it helps! Best of luck to you :)

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