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Internal Assessment Marking and Information given to Students

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Hello Everyone.

My teachers are telling us that we cannot get our IA/EE/TOK marks. When I read a few other threads, I realized that (at least I inferred that) other people know their internal marks. That's why I wanted to ask this:

Are we allowed to get our IA,EE, TOK marks before they go to IB? What all information are the teachers supposed to give us (like whether our papers are going to moderation or not, and so on) related to the internal exams (including TOK, EE)? How much feedback can we get from teachers (because they are also setting a limit on that)?

It's really weird because our teachers are telling us that they can't even tell us if we did well or not, and my friends and I are really getting concerned about our marks (obviously). If the teachers aren't giving our marks as they're supposed to, is there anything I can do?

Thank you!

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