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I am currently in the process of writing my history EE, I have my topic question which is as follows: To what extend did 9/11 have on the safety of domestic commercial aviation? I see a lot of people saying to not write about 9/11, but I believe since I'm talking about the aviation industry as a result of 9/11 I'm okay, and I haven't heard my advisor say anything bad about it. 

Anyways, currently I'm struggling with forming the body. I've written the background and the abstract, but I've hit a block on actually writing my essay. I have a ton of information regarding aviation both before and after the attacks, and I'm struggling to actually get it on paper. I thought it would be a good idea to discuss the immediate outcomes that happened as a result of the attacks (TSTA), and how they changed aviation. However, my advisor said that might come off as fluff. So.. yeah, I'm currently kind of at a loss.

I understand when writing stuff like this you can't be babied the entire way, so I don't necessarily want to be told exactly what to do. Any type of suggestion or critique would be sooo helpful, thank you!

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30 minutes ago, IB_taking_over said:

You might consider looking at why the immediate actions after 9/11 changed aviation. In other words, for example, arguing that the U.S. created the TSA because they feared another terrorist attack. (I don't know if that's true or not.) 

Thank you so much! I really like that and will definitely keep it in mind

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