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Drop off ib or no

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Hello,I am in grade 10 pre-Ib ( Ontario, Canada), my grades in grade 9 pre-ib and now grade 10 are all around 80.     Math 86 ( class median77), English 85( class median 82), science78 (classmedian78),French 84 ( coursemedian80),   Can anybody give me any ides on the IB 7 scale of my marks?  Like 4 or5?  I am interested in

 life science program,, the basic requirement are all above 36,  can my marks make me into this program?  My parents suggests I drop off ib right now.   Hard decision,  advice are needed, Thanks everybody 

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Well, you can find the IB grade boundaries simply by typing e.g. "IB grade boundaries May 2019" in the internet, but I wouldn't assess your current grades with the IB grade boundsries since pre-IB has different content probably than IB. 

I don't remember the exact boundaries since our school uses the internal boundaries to kinda motivate ua more for the internal grades, but your grades in Maths would be a 7 easily, especially thay Canada is located in the timezone (for exams) where the grade boundaries are a few points lower.

So you have quite good grades, don't worry :)

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