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Maths HL IA - coronavirus?

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I am currently in the process of searching for a maths IA topic. One of the ideas I came up with was to do something concerning Coronavirus. There is a lot of data on that and maths to do (i think).

Do you think it's a good idea? Or will everyone do their IA's on coronavirus this year? Would that be a trap?

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Hi. This actually sounds like quite a timely idea! Good job! I think the IB markers would like it actually because it's relevant. 

I would recommend you modelling the spread of coronavirus using an SIR model for your Math IA. I think it would be simple and would score well. 

Now that I remember, I actually happen to have a high-scoring student written sample of a Math IA that modelled the spread of another disease using SIR model. You can check it out here if you would like some ideas and inspiration. 

Cheers! Let me know if I helped. 


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