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Physics Extended Essay Topic Advice

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Hi everyone, I'm in the first year of DP, and I was wondering if you guys could offer advice on my physics topic. It's not entirely finalized yet, but I was thinking of a research question along the lines of "In what circumstances would it be faster for a racecar driver to drift around a corner than gripping the road around the corner," and I'd probably specifically look at time attacks (since other races would probably need more pit stops during races if drivers wore down the tires from drifting so much). 

I'm not sure if this is that viable of a topic or not, and I'm especially not sure about what experiments I would conduct for this topic. Also, I don't know any professional or hobby drivers. 

So I wanted to know if anybody had done or heard of any similar topics and what experiments they did for these cases. 


Also, I don't know how good of an idea it is for me to post a topic on a public site like this. I'm probably a complete idiot. But leap before you look, I guess, that's how I joined the IB. 


Thanks in advance. 

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I did mine in physics too... how are u gonna measure it and are any literature values possible to find or is this an original experiment?

u need to make sure things make sense, and not just complicated information everywhere.. however, ur idea is very interesting and can make a good EE but make sure you follow the rubric and the guidelines! If you need further, ill try to help as i have IA deadlines and university applications... Good Luck! U can do this!

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