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  1. This is also a very good point for long term medicine career. btw you should identify what you are good at and what you like because you may not be good at what you like.
  2. Ill try my best, and you're welcome / good luck
  3. if i do find it again, ill send it to you for sure. ill try my best to find it
  4. your welcome, idk but u can search some sample ias. I believe there is one for vechile traffic
  5. its hard to explain them, so you can check this website i found them at.... http://web.mst.edu/~gosavia/queuing_formulas.pdf / are you doing yours on movie queues as well.
  6. Then to be honest with you, you shouldn't take it. Then take chem sl, i think anyone can manage that but HL requires more effort and understanding of more content, skills, and by the end of the syllabus, you will realize that the the exam questions (Real IB Exam) will be 1.a.b.c.d.e.f.g. something like that and each letter or part of the question represents a topic in the syllabus. so you will need every topic whether it was hl or sl to actually complete the question. SO OVERALL, I think you should take chem sl because its manageable and ill think you will do great. Bio HL is mainly memorizati
  7. im still trying to decide whether I should use poisson or another method, cause i know there are 2 other methods. im still trying to figure how i can use my data to plug into the formulas to get the results that ill analyze and apply in diagrams. Its really complicated and im sort of lost but ill figure it out
  8. Oh my bad, but it both cases, I still think chem should be the one taken as HL.
  9. I did mine in physics too... how are u gonna measure it and are any literature values possible to find or is this an original experiment? u need to make sure things make sense, and not just complicated information everywhere.. however, ur idea is very interesting and can make a good EE but make sure you follow the rubric and the guidelines! If you need further, ill try to help as i have IA deadlines and university applications... Good Luck! U can do this!
  10. i still dont get how u didnt choose business, and u doubled sciences... double sciences isn't fun especially chem HL
  11. why are u taking both chem and bio hl if u wanna enter a career in econs For a Career in Econ: Option 1: HL: Econ/Business/ Math (it is preferred, but u need to put a lot of effort) SL: English/ Mand B/ any science u want (chem) Option 2: HL: Econ/ Business/ English SL: Math/ Mand B/ any science u want (chem)
  12. U wanna do medicine so why are u taking both bio and chem as sl IF YOU WANT TO DO MEDICINE, YOU NEED CHEM HL AND BIO HL / not to stress u out but this is the truth... if u cant take both as hl due to its difficulty for u, take chem sl but at least on of them should be HL... if u are fully decided to enter medicine, take math studies but let me tell u something u might change ur mind about what you wanna study later on. How about these courses: Option 1: HL: Chem/ Bio/ Business SL: Math/ Japanese/ English Option 2: HL: Chem/English/ Business SL: M
  13. Just take Chem HL and Bio HL / Chem is more difficult than biology as it has a more content to cover and learn!
  14. 1. BED 2. Every Party Available 3. Canada for uni and Italy for vacation
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