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Extended essay Group 2 - Confusion!!

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Hey there, 

My EE is in Swedish B and I have my RQ as 'How does X Hip hop rapper from 1990s respective to X Hip hop rapper from 2010s use 'the sociolect' to clarify messages?' I tried translating it to English but instead of 'the sociolect' I have actually mentioned the sociolect itself and the rappers namnes as well.  I decided to use 3 lyrics (as artifacts) of each rappers and I was supposed to analyse the vocabulary/word choices, then compare them. I have a total of 3 books to support me (excluding other internet resources), where one of them is a researcher into this specific sociolect and the other is a researcher of sociolinguists. 

My RQ is more appropriate for category 2b yet I keep finding myself confused on 'what type of analysis' this is expected to be if its 2b. Content analysis? Analytical analysis essay? 

To clarify my aim: The language/sociolect that is used is part of these rappers culture, so it should be relevant to Cat. 2b. Through the analysis, I aim to show the cultural nature of the rappers evidently through their word choices. Should I observe and choose words/phrases that reveal the attitude and every other cultural nature of the rappers culture or did I misunderstand something and losing focus on the category?

Could you possibly provide me an example of how it could approximately be written like through a paragraph or essay sample? 

Cat 2b: The essay should be an analysis of a more general cultural nature but specific to a country or community where the language is spoken. Essays of a general cultural nature must be based on specific cultural artifacts. 


Would warmly appreciate any answers :)  

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