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Extended Essay help pls

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Hey guys, our teacher has asked us to think about what we want to do for our EEs. I have literally no idea what to do... I want to do something in biology but I was wondering if you HAVE to do an experiment... I've been looking online and there's a lot of mixed responses to this question... Also, if I was going to do an IA on a space related topic, what questions/topics could I research??

please help me 

thank u :) 

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I understand that for biology it is recommended to do an experiment so that your EE is not just a description of a problem/situation/theory. What the experiment does is to enable yourself to give your own perspective of the issue at hand. I also struggled a bit coming up with my idea, what I recommend you is: first make sure you are making your EE in a subject that you are passionate about, sit down without distractions and start writing in a notebook a topic which you are curious about, then start making more specific points about what is interesting about that topic. You can do this with several topics until you hit one when you say like 'omg this is interesting and I might be able to do something amazing' then if you want to do your EE on a science subject I recommend you going with your teacher for help for coming up with an experiment that helps you demonstrate your points.  Good luck!!

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