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Hi, ij my IB programme chose Film HL. My plan is to study math but i am also very passionate about arts and especially filmmaking. I have taken the idea of combining my academics with creativity, balance between logic and creativity. But I am scared that choosing film because it can look like that i am taking it just to boost up my GPA. Many people think like this when I tell them that I chose Film HL. But I am very passionate about it, and I will produce many short movies or documentaries about my other interests, such as math and sciences. So I will work hard to do my best in film. Do you think it will be a disadvantage and cause me to not get accepted in elite schools? I am scared that it will seem like an easy subject but it is actually very time consuming and requires creativity as well as hard work. My others courses are below:

HL Math

HL Physics

HL Film

SL English

SL Economics

SL Turkish Language and Literature

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