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Hi can anyone please try to give me some ideas for the biology HL IA? I had an idea about compost and taking the temperature of it, but I think it would take too long and require a lot of attention. I also am interested in enzymes. I love biology so much and I really enjoyed the first year of ib and I did well on the tests, but now that I'm starting to look at experiment ideas I feel so stupid and I don't understand them. Might end up dropping out. Oh well! :/

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Don't drop out because you are struggling to understand something. It is normal to feel lost or confused at some point in the IB - after all, you cannot be good at everything. You've been doing well in the tests, which means you are making good progress, so keep it up and don't give up now. Talk to your teacher and peers about experiments, what you find confusing and so on. They will be able to help you. If you still have doubts, there are loads of online resources out there explaining IB Biology rather well (especially on YouTube). Do some research and hopefully your questions will be answered. 

Regarding your IA, you have to come up with your own topic and question, as you should show personal engagement. I know it is difficult to find ideas, so here is a website that may help you:. https://www.mrgscience.com/ib-biology-internal-assessment.html
If that doesn't help, try searching for Bio HL IA ideas online. It's a simple as that! Just make sure you don't just copy someone else's ideas, but rather draw inspiration from them and tailor them to your interests.

Hope this helps!

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