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  1. Hey The tips already given are definitely helpful! Revising in 2 months is for sure doable! If you stay focused and maybe create a study plan. (And add some extra hours because you will most likely procrastinate some of the time). Other than revising everything on your own you could as well do a revision course over several days, where you get some help in specific subjects. You should easily find one if you just search for "IB revision course" or something like that. These courses are helpful because they know what will be useful for you to revise so you don't get lost in all the
  2. Gaby's right - american universities are really keen on their sports/volunteering, but UK universities are mainly interested in your academics, and that you show a genuine interest/gift for the subject that you want to take.
  3. Hi Heather! So great that you're doing the IB - it is a challenging course for sure, but no reason to be anxious about it! I think the main thing is to make sure you've picked subjects that you really want to study, at levels you'll be comfortable with. Once that is done, just make sure you stay on top of the content, so block out enough time in the evenings and week-ends to go over anything you didn't get - but remember to take enough time for yourself - have fun, go out, sleep enough :) Something that I did was choose IA subjects that would be easy for me and I think that was a major plus !
  4. Hey! You have time during the IB to change your subject so just start with the one you want to do and then if that is too much work or you are not enjoying it then you can change during the first term Your first package looks really interesting! If you think you need more maths qualification you could always look into doing an additional Maths A Level or other qualification like that. Or even take Maths at HL at a 4th higher. Let me know if you need any more help!
  5. Hi! If you are considering a resit Elite IB do amazing revision courses in November time in prep for the resits. I would highly recommend they really worked for me. https://www.eliteib.co.uk/ib-resit.php
  6. Hey! There are loads of cool free IB resources that might help at this website https://www.eliteib.co.uk/. Alternatively, if you see a tutor once a week before term starts you should be ready to hit the ground running!
  7. Maybe talk about the impact War Communism and the New Economic Policy had on the future of Russia in general and say that its key to understand the difference between them in order to see what was good/bad about them? Try and contextualise as much as possible - talk about the impact and causes of the regimes and explain to the readers why you are interested in it!
  8. That sounds like a fantastic plan! I think you just need to take what you wrote and turn it into a list of things in the essay - claim, counterclaim (maybe something like evidence of christian influence in the films comparison?)
  9. Have a look into the context of the topic and what it links to in terms of global history or economic events - this often helps to show its importance!
  10. You could look at Zombies if you are into that kind of thing? They are like a deadly disease! Instead maybe you could compare the spread of 2 different diseases and see which one is more infectious (you could even look at why if you map them!). Hope this helps!
  11. Hey - there is a really useful IB guide on this webpage which might be able to give you a rough idea of where to start with your EE. I would highly recommend starting with a bit of research and really focusing in your RQ on one or two films. Watch the films and see what kind of data you can get from that and from researching the context in which they were produced! Hope this helps https://www.eliteib.co.uk/ib-resources.php
  12. Hi! I would highly advise you to do whichever you think you will enjoy more! HL Econ is much more math-y and could fit a little better with your other higher levels but don't stress too much about it - you can always start with one combination of subjects and then change during your first term
  13. Hey! I think that RQ sounds fantastic! 4000 words is not that many and you seem to have lots of ideas of how to run with it. If you need to get more data you could do your own research and perform interviews or physical research which always helps taking up words (methods section!) and shows your personal engagement with the subject. Mapping the data is a great idea and shows real higher level thinking. I don't think you necessarily require primary research but it is always good to include it if you think it will add value to your extended essay. If you need any more help let me know - I did m
  14. Hey! The easiest way to make your maths IA (or any IA in any subject) relevant and unique is to try and find a way you can apply it to your life! So if the SIR model is looking at spread of disease, maybe run the model for the country you live in? or even your local area or school population? You could also think about what is a big disease/illness where you live and try and link it to the news? Hope this helps!
  15. There are loads of free resources at this website https://www.eliteib.co.uk/! I have found loads of their articles on GCSE, IB and Uni applications super helpful over the years!!
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