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can i write my EE on comic books for history?

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1 hour ago, 3dollars said:

Would it be okay to write my history EE on comic books? like, I want to compare the use of comic books as propaganda in different wars.

how could I make a research question out of this?

I think it might work if you focus on the more on the historical events than the comic books. However, I would also run this topic through with your supervisor to be sure of things. 

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Long story short, I have first-hand experience doing pretty much exactly this where I looked at historical literature in a History IA and my advice is don't do it.

IB History examiners will say this is much more of Lit./Language and Lit. essay than it is a history essay. And be prepared to be severely marked down for that.

The problem is your analyzing the actual comic books, not historical events. IB Examiners do not like that.

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55 minutes ago, 3dollars said:

Thanks for the replies!

I really want to do something related to comic books (but don't worry if i can't do it i have a legit back up)

Could I do something like how the US went from isolationism to interventionism?

Perhaps you should explore the option of doing a Lang./Lit. EE (one of the subcategories of a Group 1 essay, I've forgotten which one but the essay guide will have more info) if you really want to do comic books? Analysis of art just doesn't quite fit into IB's brand of acceptable historical analysis.

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