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Should I drop out based on my current marks?

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IB has really been stressing me out lately i find myself having a break down every single day because work keeps on building up more and more. Im currently in in grade 11, the first semester so ive only had a try at 5 IB courses. Im greatly suffering with Chemistry HL having a shameful mark of 2, i now have a tutor and a month and a half left of the semester to bring my mark up to at least a 4 in Chem, its doable just with a lot of work. 

In Biology HL I have a 5, TOK a C, Math Studies a 6, History SL a 4 

Based on these "lovely" achievements should i stay in IB, or no?

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First, your performance in Chemistry HL is an outlier. Ignoring Chem, you'd be on pace to score a 31, a very respectable score. If you work hard in Chem (and other subjects) you'll do more than fine.

Drop out if you want to, don't drop out if you don't want to. Being from Canada, and applying domestically, IB probably won't be too significant in terms of entry, so for you it's just about credits. It's good to build up resilience, but it's also good to know your limits.

If you do stay in, try to do your work every day. That way you won't need any super-human efforts come the day before an assignment's due. It's also very effective for limiting stress. Talk to your friends about how they cope with and respond to the stress of IB and your parents too, if you want.

Lastly, the self-deprecation in your last sentence was funny, but do be kind to yourself. Temporary disappointment in oneself can be quite healthy, but feeling crappy or angry at yourself doesn't help. Cheers.

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