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Should I leave IB ?


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Hello everyone, I have just finished my year 11 exam and I am not sure should I move from IB to VCE. 

I have done a seriously bad job on everything, Chinese A : 5/5 , English B : 3/5 , Math SL : 2 , Biology : 2 , Economics : 2 , Visual Art : 2

I know those results are ridiculously horrible, and my school is suggesting me to move from IB to VCE so I can at least get a certificate whereas if I fail IB I cannot get my diploma.

I realize that my main problem is I am not putting enough effort into all my academic subjects, which I think even though I move to VCE if I am keeping such attitude, I will never improve, so I feel like I should work extra hard to catch up with everything during the summer holiday, hopefully I could get a better grade in my next exam.  

I just want to ask you guys for some advice, what will you do if you are in this situation ? Do you think it is possible to improve much in two months ? and if I really failed my IB, can I do my exams all over again 6 months later ?

Thank you.

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