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I was wondering is the personal profile component of the admission test to get into IB a paragraph long or a page long? and also I was wondering if there were any standards for your test scores and grades if you want to get in

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This depends on the school you're applying to, there are no IBO guidelines on admission into IB, so you need to ask the school you're trying to get into, no one here will be able to help you, unfortunately. 

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Questions regarding your personal profile component should directly be asked to the school of application. 

Depending on if you're trying to get into the pre-IB program (applying in 8th grade) and the IB Diploma Program (applying in 10th grade), grades needed and the criteria for acceptance varies. If you're trying to get into the pre-IB program at your school,  they will be probably checking your grade 7 marks and learning skills (responsibility, initiative etc.) . Normally, depending on the school, they'll accept students with 75 to 80+ average. If you're applying into the IB program in grade 10, they'll check your grade 9 (and maybe midterm 10 grades). These grades must be at least 80% + (some school may require higher or lower) for consideration.  As mentioned earlier, different schools have different criteria so talking with someone from the school would be beneficial. 

Hope this helps and good luck! <3

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