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  1. I want to become something medical related but my school only offers HL bio or HL phsyics and if I take one i must take the other as an SL so which one would be more useful when studying medicine in University?
  2. crcrcr7


    At my school there aren't a lot of HL or SL courses and there aren't a lot of kids attending either. They only have there courses.
  3. Im going to an IB candidate school just wondering if IB candidate schools give out IB diplomas??
  4. Im sure. I checked their course calendar but 2017-2018 is their first year of IB for 9th graders so i dont know if they have training or not for the IB programme
  5. I also say it's course calendar and i see that it doesn't have HL's for almost anything except english, Chem, and Geography. Is there any reason?
  6. So I got accepted into a yrdsb IB candidate school and im wondering if it going to be decent or not because if it isn't then i still have time to go to other schools for AP
  7. I applied too and I didn't get in, the people applying also most likely applied to bayview too so the competition is high. Even if it was equal you would have a 36% chance because they only accepted 180 out of more than 500
  8. I was wondering is the personal profile component of the admission test to get into IB a paragraph long or a page long? and also I was wondering if there were any standards for your test scores and grades if you want to get in
  9. how much time do I get for each component if you know
  10. i can do the practice questions no problem but it’s mostly my anxiety and my grade 7 report making me ask if I have a good chance at getting into pre IB. Any places you suggest me to review my french?
  11. So I’m applying to the IB program for Dr G W Williams (YRDSB) in November and i was wondering if an 83% average for grade 7 enough? I did good on Math english and french but it was the more minor subjects that threw me off. I also go to extra curricular and i have English and Math down for my entrance exam. I’m also wondering what tenses i should learn cuz i know that the french subject for admission is extremely hard and any vocabulary specifically i should focus on? I have been studying basically non stop the past few days and don’t feel like i’m entirely ready for the french part. some peo
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