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EE on music without taking IB Music courses, what should I know?

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I'm thinking of doing my EE in the subject of music, however my school doesn't offer any IB official music classes. I have a supervisor who knows about musical theory, and I know a bit as well, but I don't know what I'd be missing if I don't have an experience in an IB music class. What do they expect? What should I be sure to mention when writing my EE? I've been thinking of transposing and analyzing a jazz standard recording played by different musicians and then comparing them, would this be a deep enough topic or should I be looking else where?

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From what I have heard, it would be a lot like analyzing music in different cultures, and you would probably need to know many ib music terms to write the paper. I'm not doing a Music EE myself so I would not know much, however I am in IB Music. Basically, the class is a combination of music theory, western music history, and world music (hence the "analyze a culture" part of ee). The main skill that the IB wants to see in IB Music is your ability to analyze a piece in the context of its culture or time period. I would suppose that an EE would do that and compare it to many other pieces or musicians like you said, but I guess that finding a piece to analyze would be a starting place.

Not sure if this helped or not, so I'm sorry if it felt kind of jumbled. Regardless, I wish you luck on your EE!

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