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Intriguing EE topic; yes/no?

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Hey forum,

It was great to have seen so many replies on my last post, especially from the mods. Who would have known, IBS has a bunch of philosophically intrigued people!

Anyway, I was wondering if you guys could share any opinions on my Extended Essay topic, in English.

Topic: What is the role/significance of drugs in Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World and _______ ( a non cliche novel).

My teachers have told me that they really like the topic, but they say that I can either take a literature view on the topic (which I hope to do) or a sociopolitical type-thing.

What do you guys think; any ideas, methods of going about this?

Stay awesome!

Forumly © love,


PS. That's officially my word now.

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A literary view is what you have to focus on whether you focus on the literature itself or move towards a sociopolitical take on the entire thing. Heads up, it's much easier to stay on track and not go into unknown, unwanted regions of analysis when you stick to the Literature of what's in front of you, that being said, a sociopolitical viewpoint of the evolution of the roles of drugs/alcohol in these books and their significance can be handled well and make for a wonderful paper, so it comes down to your faith in yourself as an analyst and literary scholar as you move forward.

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Definitely sounds like an intriguing, original topic.

I can see both points of view working out very well. If you decide on sociopolitical, be careful not to make generalizations or stray away from your EE subject, English. You're not doing psychology/philosophy after all!

I definitely see Literature as the safer option (maybe that's just me though), but I'd advise you to consider what you'd find more interesting - discussing the words and effect of the words or discussing the impact of drugs on society etc in the novels? Choose what appeals to you more, its an EE, you'll be spending quite a bit of time on it, so it helps if you're genuinely interested in what you're writing about.

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So if i decide to investigate on how psychopharmacology is used to depict Utopian and dystopian themes, how would I make that an "English/Group 1" Extended Essay.

Or in general, how would any comparison of two themes be done in that subject (ie. English Literature)?


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The drugs/alcohol have to be symbolic of something greatly significant to the overall theme/idea of the novel. You have to link it into the main body of the text and talk about characterisation/style/author's intent and all that jazz, or you will head down the path of writing a wrong kind of EE, brilliant maybe, but wrong.

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