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  1. Booyah! An A on le Philosophy EE! Surprisingly this was the one I was least confident in, even less than the other exams. Thank you all for your help in the threads I made months ago!
  2. Hello guys, So I was doing my IB Chem HL Paper 2 today, which is challenging to the point that I almost went mad a few times (Maybe it's just me, but will not disclose any more details about that) But that';s the root of the problem. Section B has multiple questions for you to choose and answer some of them. However, in my frenzy I focused on the questions and didn't read this part but did all of them (and not very well by my own admission). Now on my cover sheet, the crazy me not having recovered from the frenzy then, simply wrote "All" in the cover sheet, without any reference to section or
  3. Hello guys. For the May 2012 candidates, when do we officially get the IB Diploma awarded to us?
  4. Hey guys, for all May 2012 exam ppl, when will the results of the Diploma work be released? (EE, TOK Essay, CAS, etc if any)
  5. What plants are you using? This is what I did for my IA using a water plant called Elodea. I cut one section of the plant (still able to photosynthesize), put in a test tube (or some plastic tubes, preferrably with volume markings) filled with water, and put a cap on it so nothing leaves. Oxygen will be produced as gas bubbles, and I simply read the volume of the produced gas. You could try this, and expose the tubes to lightbulbs of different Watts.
  6. Hello all, thought I'd like to start this thread for other people also and clear things up. So it's finally time for me to start doing my CAS forms and stuff 10 days before everything needs to be done. I have enough activities that fill in the hours and the results criteria. I'm wondering though, what are the types of evidence we can use aside from photos? FYI my school's using ManageBac. That may change things.
  7. Tennis, softball if i get the chance, and running. Love the last.
  8. I have several times and it's not a good experience. You may or not feel sleepy during your all nighter. But you'll definitely feel the aftermath next night you try to sleep. In fact I might have to do one tonight. Damn you Chem IA. And it's not exactly my fault, I had to go to ROTC boot camp for a week and the teacher didn't give any of me (and the guys who went with me) any kind of time compensation whatsoever. >: (
  9. Ah thanks. Is there some way that we can request the IB ourselves or something? My IB Coordinator's kinda in the dark on this.
  10. Hello. I've applied to study in an Australian University during the 2nd semester, which as some of you might know, starts in around July 20. (Orientation if I remember correctly) Now I've learned that the IB scores will be avaliable for viewing online on about July 7-9, from which we can download them and submit them. (from my IB Coordinator). My question is, is there some way we can request the IB to send our IB scores directly to the universities that we want as soon as they have the scores, instead of us doing it ourselves? So I will have more time to prepare for the other stuff (e.g. Visa)
  11. Either way it's gonna end up with more piracy. The more you try to prevent something, the more people will try to do it.
  12. Depends on whether your EE is lab-based or research based, but you'll probably need footnotes and references within the main content containing the source in the bibliography that you got it from. Acknowledgements as well.
  13. I want to see them doing this at least: NP hasn't finished all their CAS forms.
  14. I'd say 2. Haven't met many veggie ppl in my life. 1. I am procrastinating 2. I was browsing IB Survival 15 minutes ago 3. I have my Bio IA Word file open.
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