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Bilingual Diploma

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I'd really like to get a bilingual diploma, and I was going to write a group 3 EE in order to get it. However, after looking online, it seems that starting with the class of 2013 you can't get a bilingual diploma if you write a group 3 or 4 EE in a language other that A1. My school offers group 3 and 4 classes only in English, and we only have English A1.

So, is there any other way that I can get a bilingual diploma?

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You used to be able to receive a bilingual diploma if you:

- took two A1 languages (i.e. English A1 and Spanish A1)

- an A1 and an A2 language (i.e. Spanish A1 and English A2)

- you took your group 3 or 4 class in a language different from your language A1

I say used to because the language A1 syllabus has changed. I'm assuming now you can receive a bilingual diploma by taking two language and literature or literature courses, for example English literature and Spanish Language and Literature.

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