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math HL vs History HL

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well I have to choose between math hl and history hl, I'm thinking about doing engineering in univserity. So i was wondering if i do really bad in math HL then does that mean i won't be able to do well in college math? since it's going to be even harder? And i was wondering how hard is math hl compared to history hl, because I heard that histroy hl is actually a lot easier? I've heard people in my school who do math hl and also do well in histroy hl as well, but the opposite is not always true.

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if you are SURE that you want to study engineering, you have to take math HL. I don't think history HL would be useful in any way at all for engineering. note that you also need to take physics HL, and it's sometimes recommended to take chem HL.

the difficulty is highly subjective, but yes I've heard that math HL is more difficult than history HL. it depends on your strengths and weaknesses. if you are awesome at memorising then of course history HL would be easier for you.

I get a feeling that people will tell you to take history HL and math SL because some universities (not all!) just look at your total point, not your subject choices (no prerequisites). that is true, though it depends on where you want to go to (which country? which university?).

however, your 2 years in IB are not just about getting the highest marks of all, but it's about learning as much as possible and getting prepared for uni. for example, you want to be an engineer but only take math studies (let's say!), but get like 45 points? what's the point of that? 2 years of torture and hard work, but then you will have to take a foundation course just to learn the mathematics part because you need to know calculus and vectors etc.! you're wasting your time and effort. and money.

take math HL definitely. no matter how bad you'll do, at least you are being taught the things that you need to know. so in uni at least you'll be familiar with a few things.

to be honest though, I wanted to study engineering too. so I did some research and read the structure of the course (the courses you'll study) in a university. and I think most (or even all) of it are physics-related, I don't think I saw one that was purely maths (which made me change major, because engineering is not as mathematical as I thought it would be!). however, I don't know if it's just that one university or all universities.

I know of people who fail math HL so don't be afraid... at least you are not alone :P but if you really try and work hard, you'll be able to get at least a 5. the boundaries are relatively low so scoring a 7 shouldn't be that difficult.

whatever you choose, good luck! maybe you'll change your mind someday, about the course you want to study (like me), but just be confident and optimist. :gluck:

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As far as I know, both are difficult to score well in easily. But if your strengths lie in math then the better choice is Math HL. If you are planning on doing engineering then most definitely choose Math HL. It will help you do much much better in university math courses (it helped me a lot) - even if you don't end up getting a 7 in it.

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