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Death of a Salesman

Notes on Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller

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  1. A dolls house litchart

    A Doll's House Litchart


  2. Death of a Salesman general essay

    this essay answers to the question: How do you think Miller makes the audience care about what happens to Willy? Support your ideas with details from the play.


  3. death of a salesman essay

    an analytical essay on the death of a salesman


  4. Deaths in Death Of A Salesman

    The script for my oral presentation on the deaths in Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman (had a powerpoint as well, which i won't upload because it doesn't make sense without the script... everything is in the script)
    English A1 HL
    Class mark: 28/30 (my teacher was an IB examiner)


  5. Study Guide Death of a Salesman

    umm yeah this is a study guide to Death of a Salesman. What is roughly the first half of the document is information about Arthur Miller. The second is the study guide. Contains a list of important quotations and a synopsis in the middle, and then it succumbs to boring ramblings on about salesmen and wig designers for the play. So to sum it up, the beginning sucks, the end sucks, but there is some good stuff in the middle.


  6. Analysis of Death of a Salesman pages 61-69

    one page textual analysis of pages 61-69 of Death of a Salesman


  7. Analysis of Death of a Salesman pages 103-108

    Death of a salesman one page textual analysis of pages 103 to 108


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