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English A1 Pre-2013

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Notes and samples for IB English A1 before the change in the syllabus for examinations in 2013 and onward. These are still useful for you to learn how to write and structure literature analysis, however they are not relevant to the current syllabus criteria.

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  1. Poetry Devices

    Hey guys, this list of poetry devices proved very helpful and useful during my revision (or last minute revision really). Also, it's a very good resource for your IOC preparations! Don't seem to find this list anywhere on this website, just thought I'd share.


  2. Peter Porter, "After Schiller" : English A1 Lit poetry analysis essay

    This is an essay written during my Y1 in the IB.
    It presents a neat, comprehensive analysis of the aforestated poem, i.e. After Schiller, which I reccomend everyone to read as I found it quite enjoyable.
    The essay makes references to specific loci in the poem, has a "fine use of language" (cit.) and is overall, a very good piece of writing according to the teacher who corrected it.
    Grade: 7


  3. Commentary Sample

    I really like this commentary, helpful sample


  4. A Dummy's Guide to basic English analysis

    I got this from my teacher and it helped with my analysis in english


  5. Submitted

  6. One day in the life of Ivan Denisovich - Full text

    I recommend using cailibre to convert between formats.


  7. A Fine Balance - Rohinton Mistry - Full text

    Full text of Rohinton Mistry's A Fine Balance.


  8. IOP Fine Ballance - Jack Allison - 2012 - Speech

    "The harmful effects of quotas and incentives on the people, specifically Indians, in Rohinton Mistry's A Fine Balance and the real world."
    See Presentation.


  9. IOP Fine Balance - Jack Allison - 2012 - Presentation

    "The harmful effects of quotas and incentives on the people, specifically Indians, in Rohinton Mistry's A Fine Balance and the real world."
    See speech.


  10. Commentary on Three Women by Sylvia Plath

    A good commentary on Sylvia Plath's Three Women


  11. Patriarchal society - Essay.pdf

    Question of : Examine the ways in which Thebes is portrayed as patriarchal society.


  12. Sample Reflection Statement from the IBO

    This is a sample Reflection Statement from the IBO that received full marks (to be used in the World Lit section of English A1).
    Hope it helps


  13. IB HL Prose Commentary

    examiner's comments included


  14. Writing The Literary Analysis Essay Powerpoint

    notes on literary analysis and how to incorporate it in your essay


  15. Textual Analysis

    Use this sheet to help you understand the idea of close textual analysis as well as the methods you should use in doing it.


  16. Incorporation of Quotations

    Review this page if you have received marks on your improper incorporation of quotations.


  17. Analysis of Quotations

    a guide on how to analyze CORRECTLY. examples included.


  18. Female Characters in Gothic Texts

    This doc explains the generic female characters presented in gothic texts...
    enjoy! : )


  19. How to write an Excerpt Commentary

    Here is a guide on How to write an Excerpt Commentary !
    Hope it helps,


  20. Reflective statement the outsider Albert Camus

    This is my reflective statement in English A: Literature on the stranger/the outsider by Albert Camus. In the new English A syllabus you are required to write a reflective statement based on an interactive oral to show your understanding of culture and the context. This is just to show you how to write this reflective statement, as it is a rather new thing in the IB and many might not have received the proper instructions from their teachers.
    Things to remember:
    Write in first person, very informal piece of writing
    Consider what you discussed during the interactive oral
    What have you learned and understood from the discussions
    What questions do you still have/would like to explore further
    Write 300-400 words
    If students write fully and honestly, they should be able to get the 3 marks. No language criteria here


  21. Guide to Poetry/Prose (Essential to know for the Oral Commentary!)

    This is a list of things that one must keep in mind when preparing to give their formal oral commentary on poetry or prose. It is very, very useful.


  22. World Lit essay (SL)

    I received a 7 in this comparative world lit essay.


  23. Garden Scene Commentary

    Commentary on the Garden scene in di Lampedusa's the Leopard. Recieved 55455 for it (IB 7)


  24. Submitted

  25. The Heaven of Animals analysis

    An analysis of the poem Heaven of Animals


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