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  1. Hitler's foreign policy and its impact

    useful note for question about authoritarian states foreign policy used for maintain power.


  2. Opposition to Hitler's Reich

    I made this document for a class assignment and everyone seemed to really like it so I thought I would share it with all of you. 
    The spaces after each section are to write any questions you have or any additional information you would like to add. 
    I know the topic is specific but it is a large section and you could probably cut these down more. I can't take all the credit as two other students helped create this document too.  
    I hope this helps! 


  3. Collapse of Weimar Republic - journal article

    A journal article by History Today about Weimar Germany's fall. 


  4. Great Powers after the Berlin Conference of 1878-9

    This is a little diagram I made to illustrate the complex system of foreign policies and interests after the Berlin Conference of 1878-9, since it would have been nearly impossible to follow the discussion without it. I hope it helps someone else!  


  5. Germany Book PDF

    Germany Book PDF


  6. Submitted

  7. Submitted

  8. Germany 1918-1939

    Germany 1918-1939


  9. Rule of Hitler Details and Quotes

    A collection of Details, Dates, Quotes and Historiography on the rule of Hitler (1933-1945). Inclusion of these in your essays is vital for getting a 6 or 7.


  10. Rise Of Hitler Details, Quotes and Dates

    A collection of Details, Quotes, Historiography and Dates on the Rise of Hitler. This sort of evidence is vital for a 7 in a history essay.


  11. Nazi Germany

    These are the notes taken from Stephen J. Lees's book "Hitler and Nazi Germany"


  12. The Weimar Republic and Nazi Germany

    This document contains my personal notes, class notes and developed arguments about the Weimar Republic and Nazi Germany. The notes come from a history book primarily about the Weimar Republic and Nazi Germany, which my history teacher used alongside the IB Companion in order to obtain better details, facts and controversial topics in order to form arguments on the subject.


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