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  1. Hey, I was really confused about how I should start my IA and about the research involved. Can someone please help me? My research question is "To what extent was Hitler's economic policies helpful in revitalizing the German economy from 1933 to 1941?". Thanks, Payas
  2. My History IA question is something along the lines of "TWE were Hitler's expansionist policies a response to the border changes imposed by the Treaty of Versailles." I obviously have to find two sources to analyse on this. If anyone knows of any short-ish (25 pgs or under) sources (either primary or secondary) which discuss this I would be incredibly grateful! Thank you in advance x
  3. I have been trying to come up with a really good question for my history IA, my topic is the Hitler Youth. I have thought about doing, how they were important to the third riech, How did Hitler influence the youth,how they influenced the nazification of Germany. I feel as though it isnt in depth enough and i was wondering if anyone had any ideas or suggestions for me
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Hi! I made this document for a class assignment and everyone seemed to really like it so I thought I would share it with all of you. The spaces after each section are to write any questions you have or any additional information you would like to add. I know the topic is specific but it is a large section and you could probably cut these down more. I can't take all the credit as two other students helped create this document too. I hope this helps!
  5. My chosen topic is how Nazi propaganda and media contributed to the creation of a totalitarian state under Hitler, and my research question was “To what extent did Nazi control of the media and propaganda enable the creation of a totalitarian state under Hitler?” However, my teacher has told me that the scope is was too large and it is too broad, hence I need help trying to narrow this down. Any tips or help is appreciated Tysm
  6. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    A journal article by History Today about Weimar Germany's fall.
  7. Hello I need help with narrowing down what to do for my extended essay I got two topics which I am interested in: How did propaganda in Germany for Hitler in the Nazi party differ or resemble to what was used for the coming of power of Fidel Castro in Cuba? and To what extent, did the support of the White army by the United States in the Russian Civil war of 1918 pave the way for the public relations issues post WW2? I want to know how I can make the topics less broad, I was thinking of a certain action which the US did in the CW or a different aspect instead of propaganda.
  8. Hey guys, I decided to chose history for my EE and I'm talking about the extent to which german military attacks on civilians of Poland were deliberate (in 1939) Could i have some feedback on the question and also, how should i structure it? Im not sure if i should begin with cases of deliberate attacks against civilians and then analyse them or something else pls
  9. NaziPropagandaandtheVolksgemeinschaft.docx
  10. Is it possible to compare Stalin and Hitler on Paper 2 the question of comparing two dictators?
  11. I am currently struggling with my extended essay on History, my topic is "Do dictators shares similar characteristics?" i will focus on MaoZedong (1893-1945) and Adolf hitler(1919-1933), i need to hand it in very soon, but i am still lost right now >< IS there any suggestions for my EE ?
  12. Dear historians, As to the authoritarian states (20th century), within the World History topics (seen on History Guide), I studied at school Hitler and Stalin. As their from the same region, I kinda needed another one, If I am going to prepare myself for the "two tyrants comparison question". Yeah there s always a question in which they ask you to compare and discuss two tyrants from different regions as to a certain aspect (propaganda, use of force, religion, role of women in their kingships, etc.). So,as my teacher isn't going to lecture any more tyrants (he told me that) because h
  13. The Great Depression & Collective Security Grade: 7 View File Grade 7 If you need help with your essays or have other questions please contact me :-) Submitter echokilocharlie95 Submitted 06/24/2016 Category Sample essays  
  14. analyzeHM.docx View File analyzeHM.docx Submitter Amina Huseynli Submitted 04/17/2016 Category World Wars
  15. Is the Cold War a topic that will come up in paper 2 or 3? Thanks
  16. Hi, I'm planning on taking history HL and also want to write my extended essay on History. I was thinking of comparing and contrasting Hitler's and Mussolini's road to power. However, i need help to narrow down my question and am unsure whether its' a good question or not
  17. Kirsty2201


    I am trying to find sources for my history IA and I am having trouble finding them. My question is: “To what extent was the Hitler youth significant in the social Nazification of Germany?†I am planing to look at the role of Hitler youth, as well as control over media and the crushing of discontent. My history teacher told us to look for expert historians in that field but even then I cant seem to find anything substantial enough. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated thank you!
  18. Hey! I'm supposed to be starting my extended essay soon (I'm in my first year of the IB diploma), and I want to somehow compare Stalin and Hitler. I want to see (maybe) how their abusive fathers impacted their ruling styles? But I'm struggling to come up with a good essay title! If you have a suggestion for an EE question, please let me know!!! Also if you have any other suggestions about this topic, (german/russian history)- it doesn't have to be about their abusive fathers, please let me know down below!! Thank you
  19. Hello, I'm sort of new to this website but I've been having some trouble forming my question for my extended essay. I know what I would like it to be about but I'm having a terrible time trying to turn it into a question. I would like my paper to be about how Hitler intended to go into WWII in 1945 and how that would've changed the outcome of the war had he been successful. Thank you for taking the time to read my post!
  20. Hey guys , I was thinking of doing my EE on 'Assassination attempts on Hitler' . The topic and the question I have not framed properly right now but can you people please help me with my sources ? Primary or secondary . Though primary would be better. Thanks
  21. Version PDF


    I discuss the methods both prominent leaders of the European world used to achieve such a high rank. Based on single-party states.
  22. Hey guys so I have finally finished my part A and my part C, so now I'm on to my Part B and I have completely hit a writer's block. If you think you can help me write a well designed part B , please inbox me.
  23. CriCri

    Paper 2

    Alright so my exams are coming soon, and I was wondering if any of you have some tips for the History paper 2 essays?? I find it really hard to put dates, answer the question and include historiography, so I usually dont get much higher than a 4. Thanks in advance
  24. Hi all, I am having a trouble with choosing my topic for the IA. Since I am doing the Americas for Paper 3, I would like to write my IA on the paper 3 topics - great depression & new deal, the cold war and the civil rights. These our some research questions I came up with, I would really appreciate if I could get some help and I really want to hear your opinions! To what extent does Charlie Chaplin’s The Great Dictator accurately portray Hitler’s personality? How successfully did the New Deal programs resolve the economic crisis? What was the purpose of the bombing in Hiroshima
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