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IB ENTRANCE EXAM IN GRADE 9. Are my grades good enough? Also what should I do to prepare?


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Hi! II am from Calderstone in grade 8. I am trying to get into IB in Turner Fenton SS. How were your grades in grade 7 and grade 8. For those who have gotten in, was there something that you think made you gain an advantage? Also how can I prepare for the essay?  For my grade 7 report card, my average was 88% and all E's. My PE mark was only 75% and I'm scared if that might affect my chance to get in. I'm worried about my grade 8 progress report card as I have REALLY strict teachers this year and I'm sure I wont get all E's or all progressing very wells (maybe even a progressing with difficulty from the worst history teacher EVER). I know these are a lot but I really want to get in. I'm so sorry for the inconvenience! :) Thank you so much

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