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English B Lang&Lit EE on a Video Game?


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I'm planning to do my EE on Disco Elysium, a narrative-heavy game that delves into the topics of existentialism, determinism, and psychoanalysis in the magical realist, absurd modernist setting of Revachol. The game is made by an Estonian team, but its original language is English. They even hired native English speakers to check the text.

The game is memed to be a book rather than a game, it is text-heavy. I want to explore the philosophy behind the game, narrated through Harry du Bois, an amnesiac hobocop/detective with alcoholism issues. Here are my current RQs, ranked from the best to the not-so-good (in my opinion)

- How does Disco Elysium explore the existentialist themes of meaninglessness and choice through its protagonist, Harry Du Bois?

- How does Disco Elysium use the concept of identity, both personal and collective, to explore self-discovery and reinvention?

- How does Disco Elysium use the symbolism of the city of Revachol to explore themes related to urban decay, societal collapse, and the human condition?

Do you think that doing such an EE is possible? I talked with my IB Coordinator and he liked my ideas, he also contacted a senior English B educator and the IB to see if this is doable and won't fail me. IB's response, honestly, wasn't of much help, but the senior English B educator said, and I quote: "This appears to me to be a very border-line project, and the only way of being sure is to contact the IB directly, and ask. However, it might be interesting to slant the EE towards debating exactly that question: 'To what extent can (this game) be considered literature?' -and then use aspects of the various research questions already suggested to present an argument. What does the student think about such an approach?"

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