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english lang and lit EE


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hey, i hope everyone is doing well. good luck to the M2022s on results day. i wanted to know if it is okay to use an autobiography for my literary text in a catigory 1 english EE? i also need some tips for the structure of the essay itself because currently it's just a free-handed bulk of text. i am considering organizing it by the 3 autobiographical elements i found (let me know if they are not accurate or if there are more elements): the discription of the person's life, the meaning of life to them, and the conclusion. i will include the 3 things that the author accomplished under each of the 3 elements and analyze them with literary devices. i also have the option of organizing it only with the 3 accomplished things and leaving out the autobiographical elements or to organize it by 7 different themes that appear in the work. every piece of advice and feedback will be truly appreciated.

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