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Geography HL - is it worth?


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Hi everyone!!!

So to May I have to choose my IB subjects.  I am definitely taking Math HL AA ( I just love this subj) and English HL ( we are forced to take this, because it isn’t our native language). Also I have to take take polish SL for sure, but then I have a problem. I am considering an idea whether to take geography HL or physics HL. Everyone is saying that physic HL is so demanding and it is difficult to survive this,  and geo HL is just super easy. However I don’t enjoy geography - I just hate any theory. I have more scientific mind. On the other hand, when we now have started magnetism and electricity - it is also more theory than exercises and it is not as exciting as it was (also I don’t get it as easily as I used for instance in dynamics). To emphasise I am not a fan of human interactions (I am shy when it comes to strangers) so I would like to have a job rather with the same circle of people ( I don’t want to be an outcast also), something associated with programming, statistics ( or a job where math is a major tool) when I am not endangered to giving speeches to strangers. So my question is- is it possible to get to programming in university when I have math and geo HL or will it be easier to get in with physics HL? And what are good fields of uni after I will get well-paid job (idc if they will be demanding) wharf I have math and geo HL? Thanks for answering in advance

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