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Switching Mentors Last Minute

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Hey guys! This is rather urgent and I'm actually very worried. I was wondering if it was even possible to switch our mentors for EE at this point? Our school had us upload our EE's to the IBS site at the beginning of March, and technically we were supposed to have sent the actual EE for marking to our mentor's mid February via email, but because of a bunch of things (mix of personal and just procrastination, very stupid I know) I only finished by the time we actually had to submit. Because of covid all of our communication is online, and my mentor never responded to my email about marking the EE? (I sent it the same day we submitted). They've taken a week to reply before, but it's been exactly 2 weeks and I'm sending another email, I'm worried they won't respond again? I'm not sure what to do, as my EE is also rather subject-specific (art, largely deconstruction of work of art) and I'm not even sure we have another IB art teacher at our school. I'm pretty sure my mentor doesn't really like me (my fault, but nothing I can do now) but they should at least mark it or reply, right? I'm just wondering if it's even possible to find another teacher, possibly even from a different school to mark it if my mentor refuses because it's already mid-March.

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