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Some concern about my EE

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Recently, I found out that there are some problems with my EE:

1. I missed a few references in my EE, and some references are inconsistent (a mix of footnotes + intext citation)

2. I didn't add my candidate code on the cover page (the school released our code after we submit our final draft on managebac, so I thought the school will open another submission after we get to know our code and add it on the cover page, and that is why I didn't manage to do the referencing in the first place nicely...)


Yet, after I have my EE edited, I sent it to my supervisor, but he replies to me that he already submitted my EE to IBO on the system, and he said no more amendments. I am feeling anxiety right now, I thought the deadline for submitting EE, IAs on the IBIS are due before March 15th, so teachers can still unsubmit the work if they suspect any issues, right?

Anyone could tell me is my supervisor lying? Will I lose my diploma because of the inconsistency in referencing and plagiarism for not citing?

p.s. similarity is 6% checked through turnitin.

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