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HELP!! IB Biology SL Database IA (i have no clue what to do)


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I had to switch to a database ia due to corona not allowing me to visit my school lab and i have no clue how to approach it at all- some samples i've seen online only dealt with 10 countries but my teacher says i need 20-30 at least.

Originally my independent variable was real GDP growth rate and my dependent variable was CO2 emissions. My teacher said I was at risk of turning it into an geographical/ESS based ia and recommended i look at a certain plant/animal species for my dependent variable instead.

I researched all weekend and can't find a suitable dependent variable that has a strong correlation to real GDP growth rate (in 20-30 countries as well holy ****), does anyone have any idea or should I just change my variables instead? :(

**Edit: I'm in SL so please keep that in mind 😭 also i wanted to focus on ecology/evolution more...the other topics im not so confident in

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